H-VRF Pipe Connection Kits

Pipe - 32mm MT40 Run


  • SKU #:HVRF



RefProduct CodeDescription
P.6 MT40IN26-25 MT 40 Composite 26mm Preinsulated Pipe 25m Coil
P.7 MT40-5 Straight lengths of MT40 pipe (Not included as standard)
P.8 MT4040JF MT 40 x 40 Fusion Joiner
P.9 MT4040EF MT 40 x 40 Fusion Elbow
P.10 HMHMRF80 Rubber Insulated Munzing Ring 2 Screws
P.11 HMHMRBZ10 Munzing Ring Base Plate ZP 10mm
P.12 STTRM103M Threaded Rod M10 x 3m Zinc Plated

Pipe - 32mm MT40 Run image


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