Embracing the Science of Comfort: Why Our New Building Thrives with Radiant Heating/Cooling 

Specialising in hydronic central heating and radiant heating/cooling solutions, our company's decision to implement these systems in our new building extends beyond mere brand loyalty. It serves as a testament to the technical superiority and sustainability inherent in radiant technology. Unlike traditional air-based systems, which rely on convective heat transfer, radiant systems operate on the principle of direct heat exchange between surfaces, akin to the warmth felt from the sun. By utilising radiant panels or underfloor heating, our systems deliver heat directly to occupants and objects, eliminating the inefficiencies associated with heating and distributing air.

In cooling mode, our radiant systems employ chilled ceiling panels or underfloor systems to absorb heat from the surrounding environment, providing targeted cooling without the need to cool large volumes of air. This approach minimises energy waste and ensures a more uniform and draft-free comfort. Additionally, our systems operate at lower water temperatures compared to forced-air systems, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced environmental impact. Furthermore, the absence of air circulation mitigates the dispersion of dust and allergens, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the selection of materials and components. The in-slab underfloor heating/cooling system utilises durable Multitubo PE-RT pipes with a lifespan exceeding 50 years, aligning with the longevity of our building. By employing water as the heat transfer medium, we eliminate the need for environmentally harmful refrigerants, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimising our ecological footprint. This conscientious choice underscores our dedication to environmental responsibility while ensuring optimal comfort for building occupants.

Recognising the demand for efficient cooling solutions, we have looked towards our long-time supplier Variotherm. The Variotherm Radiant ModuleCeiling System complements our underfloor heating, providing effective cooling even in high-demand environments. Moreover, with the incorporation of acoustic ceiling panels, we can enhance the comfort of our employees by absorbing unwanted noise, fostering a conducive environment for productivity.

Our adoption of radiant heating/cooling systems represents not only a practical choice but also a strategic statement of commitment to sustainability and innovation. By prioritising technical excellence with specific regard to environmental sustainability, we invite our customers and building specifiers to explore the technical intricacies and benefits of radiant systems and join us on our journey as we design, specify, supply and install the hydronic heating system for our new building.

Heat Source 

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  • Multitubo PE-RT In slab Underfloor pipework 
  • Multitubo Composite Pipe System 
  • Variotherm Acoustic Module Ceiling panels 
  • Fiorini Buffer Tanks 
  • Controls, specified and designed by us to meet all our requirements