Commercial Products Warranty

DeLonghi Radiators

25 year functional guarantee as long as Fernox HVAC1 inhibitor is used and annual treatment is documented

Multitubo Pipe System

10 years. In imbedded underfloor heating the pipe has a 25 year warranty.

Firebird Diesel and Baxi Gas Boilers

Standard Warranty of 1 year. Extension to 5 years on boiler heat exchanger if:

  • Mandatory boiler registration
  • Mandatory system dosed with Fernox HVAC1 Inhibitor
  • Mandatory filtration and most cases hydraulic separation
  • Full commissioning report to be provided stating flow and return temps and flow rates
  • In the event of a claim, annual servicing records to be provided showing inhibitor levels

Baxi Commercial Cylinders

10 year pro-rata on cylinder casing. In the event of a claim, water quality test reports are to be provided. Warranty does not cover aggressive, hard water supply or ancillary components.

Underfloor Manifolds

5 years excluding pumps and flow meters.

Fabricated Products Stainless Steel Magvent Filters, Dosing Pots etc

10 years

All other products

1 year


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