• Why we choose Fiorini

    Fiorini Industries began over forty years ago by producing solar thermal systems.

  • Aquasystem Expansion Vessels

    Antonio Zilio began making expansion vessels and surge tanks in 1972 in Bassano Del Grappa, a beautiful area in Northern Italy well known for innovative engineering technology and the odd…

  • Commercial Domestic Hot Water Heating

    Domestic hot water heating can play a major part in the mechanical services of a commercial building.

  • Korado Commercial Radiators

    Central Heating New Zealand are proud to offer the Korado steel panel water radiator with a contemporary look and a minimal price increase over the standard ribbed profile.

  • Minib Trench Heaters

    Minib was founded in the Czech Republic in 1999 and is one of the leading manufacturers of fan convectors, with their wide international reach exporting to over 42 countries.

  • Low Surface Temperature Radiator

    Hydronic radiators are a popular choice for commercial space heating for hospitals, childcare and elderly care centres.

  • FAR - High Quality Commercial Products

    FAR is a brassware manufacturer based near the lovely Lake Orta, not far from Milan in Northern Italy. Founded in 1974 by two brothers and a friend.

  • Benefits of underfloor heating for large spaces

    Historically, in New Zealand it has not been common practice to provide space heating for industrial buildings such as workshops, warehouses, production facilities and similar.

  • High Tech Pipe System

    Multilayer composite pipes (MLCP) of metal and plastic were developed in the early nineties in Finland.

  • Light oils are fundamental

    While there's no doubt we need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, they are still an important part of the energy requirements in New Zealand.

  • H-VRF Pipe Connection Kit

    The Mitsubishi Electric H-VRF system uses water as the heat transfer medium between the HBC box and terminal units.

  • Commercial Cascade Boilers Flue

    Central Heating New Zealand is a leading supplier of gas boilers in New Zealand.

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