Fiorini Buffer Tanks


Marking a successful 10-year collaboration, Central Heating New Zealand takes pride in providing Fiorini products to both the residential and commercial hydronic market in New Zealand. Our enduring partnership is founded on trust and innovation. 

Fiorini buffer tanks play a crucial role in optimizing hydronic systems. By decoupling the heat source from the emitting system or acting as an inertia tank to increase system efficiency, these tanks facilitate ideal circulation without compromising the integrity of the heat source. They efficiently store excess energy generated during the heat source's operation, releasing it when the source is inactive. This process minimizes short cycling, enhancing overall system efficiency.

Crafted from a range materials and finishes including carbon steel, galvanised steel and stainless steel or enamel lined, our buffer tanks boast various surface treatment options and are fully insulated for versatile application in both hot and cold-water systems. Central Heating NZ maintains a ready inventory of standard-size options, with the entire Fiorini catalogue accessible through indent orders.

Additionally, our commitment to tailored solutions allows you to specify custom features, including: 

  • Inlet/outlet port size and positioning 
  • Baffles, diffusing or conveyor pipes 
  • VM3 compliant Insulation options 
  • Indoor/outdoor installation preferences 
  • Various internal coating processes 

Fiorini also offer thermal store buffer tanks with various heat exchanger options. Their range includes the Puffers and Combi Plus tanks which allow for integration of multiple heating sources.