Variotherm Module Ceiling


Partnering with Variotherm for over 10 years, in 2020 Central Heating New Zealand has expanded on the popular VarioComp Floor Heating System to include wall and ceiling modular panels for surface heating and cooling. These panels are integrated directly into the fabric of the building to maximise the use of the space while minimizing visual impact.

The Variotherm ModuleWall or Ceiling System consists of an 18mm Fibrous Gypsum Panel with the pipes (aluminium multi-layer composite pipes) are supplied integrated in the rear of the panels. In addition to this, the panels can be supplied in several formats allowing for ease of installation.

Like other forms of hydronic heating, Variotherm wall and ceiling panels use water-filled pipes to carry warmth throughout the building. The radiant heat radiating from these pipes is healthy and comfortable. While the Variotherm wall and ceiling panels are suited to both warm and cool a space when connected to an appropriate energy source & careful monitoring of the dew point with controls such as our Smartone thermostat.

In addition to the standard range of ModuleCeiling panels, Variotherm also offers acoustic panels with sound absorbing properties to reduce the noise levels in residential and commercial spaces, adding comfort not only through controlling the temperature in the environment but also creating a more comfortable environment to live and work in.

The benefits for you 

  • Draft-free operation, preventing the release of dust into the air.
  • Rapid response time, swiftly heating your room.
  • Concealed installation maximises your usable space.
  • Variotherm is compatible with all heat sources.
  • Suitable for Heating & Cooling.
  • Comfortable room climate thanks to perfectly heated spaces.
  • The temperature can be regulated individually for each room.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Ceiling Panels available.
  • 10-year Warranty.

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Contact us for more information on how to integrate Variotherm ModuleWall or Ceiling into your next project and join us on our journey as we design, specify, and install this system in our new office building.