Choosing the Right Central Heating Controls for Your Home

This guide from Central Heating New Zealand outlines the key factors to consider when choosing the right control system for your central heating system. With most New Zealanders unfamiliar with central heating, expert advice is crucial to ensure a system that meets your needs for comfort and efficiency. 

Key factors to consider

  1. Heating system type and balancing

    Both radiator and underfloor systems can be balanced to deliver the right heat to each area. Balancing valves ensure even heating throughout the home, making thermostat placement in any area effective. 

  2. Solar gain

    The size, shape, and glazing of your home impact how it responds to solar heat gain. Rooms with more north-facing glazing may need heating in the mornings and evenings but not midday. Additional control zones may be needed in homes with significant variations in sun exposure. 

  3. KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)

    Simple systems are generally best. Aim for the fewest controllers possible while achieving proper heat balance. Thermostats in each room are not recommended when balancing is done correctly. 

  4. Thermostat location

    • Install on internal walls only, avoiding external walls that affect temperature readings. 
    • Avoid direct sunlight, which can cause the thermostat to turn off prematurely. 
    • Place away from heat sources like radiators or underfloor heating tracks. 

  5. Home usage

    • Programmable thermostats allow for lower temperatures during unoccupied periods for comfort and energy savings. 
    • For unused areas, closing radiator or underfloor valves is the most cost-effective solution. Consider additional thermostats for shutting down large areas. 
    • Holiday homes may require remote access control via mobile apps. 

Central Heating New Zealand's expertise

By considering these factors in system design and installation, Central Heating New Zealand helps achieve optimal comfort and energy efficiency, leading to high occupant satisfaction. They offer expert advice to ensure you choose the best control system for your central heating needs. 

Read the full guide for more details: Central Heating Controls Guide