H-VRF Pipe Connection Kit

The Mitsubishi Electric H-VRF system uses water as the heat transfer medium between the HBC box and terminal units. This achieves a significant reduction in the amount of refrigerant charge required, reducing the need for refrigerant leak detection systems. Lower refrigerant volumes are also better for the environment. 

The system comprises of a wide range of terminal units and these have specific requirements for the pipe size that must be run to these units, there are 3 ranges;

  • 20mm ID single port connection for units 
    Model sizes 10-50
  • 32mm ID single port connection for units 
    Model sizes 63-80
  • 32mm ID twin port connection for units 
    Model sizes 100-125 

The German manufactured Multitubo pipe system supplied by Central Heating New Zealand is an ideal solution for these projects, the Multitubo Composite pipe system is a multi-layer pipe comprising of internal and external PE-RT (Polyethylene Raised Temperature) layers with an internal layer of aluminum. This is a BRANZ appraised (appraisal No. 740) pipe system designed to last in excess of 50 years and is suitable for a wide range of applications, temperatures, and pressures.

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