Why we choose Fiorini

Fiorini Industries began over forty years ago by producing solar thermal systems. Since then, they have established themselves as Europe’s top manufacturer of hydronic heating and cooling thermo-technical products by partnering with large industrial producers of chillers and heat pumps. The range includes heat exchangers, hot and cool thermal store tanks, hydronic kits for storage, mixing and distribution of domestic and technical water. These products are becoming more sought after with the requirement to use renewable lower temperature heat sources.

 Based in northern Italy, Fiorini has 150 employees in a 20,000sqm production facility where they have control over the entire production process start to finish.

“What drives us is solutions built on efficiency and saving energy for living comfort. We work to ensure that every project contributes to spreading a culture of sustainability. Our commitment is to continue investing and building relationships with our partners, customers and our employees” says Antoni Fabbri, CEO Fiorini Industries.

Central Heating New Zealand have enjoyed a 10-year relationship offering the Fiorini products to the NZ residential and commercial hydronic market. We have found them to be excellent partners with quality products, excellent technical understanding and communication and they customise their standard products for our market needs. Whilst Fiorini do a vast range of products, and we indent custom solutions, we do stock a range of standard products that are popular:

Thermal Store Buffer Tanks

Installed Buffer Tank in Plant Room

Fiorini thermal store buffer tanks have many uses in a hydronic system. Decoupling a heat source from the emitting system enables ideal circulation without compromising the heat source. Buffer tanks store the excess energy produced by a heat source when they are in operation and return this energy when the heat source is switched off or inactive, reducing short cycling and enabling better efficiency. The tanks are made from carbon steel, have various surface treatment options and are fully insulated for both hot and cold water use.

Heat Exchangers

Fiorini Heat Exchanger Installed

Fiorini Heat Exchangers are used for transferring energy between separated fluids. They have a series of gasketed or brazed plates that form two circuits within the unit. The primary circuit flows hot water from the heat source and the secondary circuit contains the water to be heated for the swimming pool/spa/or specialised product etc. Energy transfer is quick and efficient and the heat exchanger plates are made from high quality materials – stainless steel and titanium, allowing for excellent resistance against corrosion.