Buffer Tanks

VKGE - Carbon Steel - Outdoor


  • Volume From 100-5000L
  • Usage Outdoor
  • Max Pressure 6 Bar
  • Min Temperature -10ºC
  • Max Temperature 60ºC
  • Material Carbon Steel
  • Insulation 20/30mm
  • Finish Coloured PVC
  • SKU #:VKGE


The VKG series includes insulated tanks for chilled water, normally used to increase the thermal inertia of the conditioning system.

Fiorini's buffer tank series is highly customizable to suit your project needs.


Capacity (l) Type Thick. (mm)
from 100 to 1000 High density rigid polyurethane foam 30
from 1500 & horizontal versions Closed cell polyethylene foam 20
VKGE - Carbon Steel - Outdoor image