H-VRF Pipe Connection Kits

KIT 13 - Fill Set Kit



Ref Product Code Description Details Qty Per Kit
13.1 FAR3422 22mm CU to 3/4" HBC Box Connection.  1
13.2 MT2534FT MT 25 x 3/4" FT

For connection onto isolation valves at terminal unit end of pipe run.

13.3 MT2512FT25 MT 25 x 1 1/2" FT x 25 For the addition of drain and vent points in the pipe work. 1
13.4 HMHBHN15 Brass Hex Nipple 15mm

For connection of pressure relief valve.

13.5 VPRESRELF Pressure Relief 1/2" x 3/4" 3 Bar

To relive excessive system pressure.

13.6 HMHBRN2015 Brass Reducing Nipple 20 x 15mm For connection of auto fill valve. 1
13.7 VFILL Auto Filling Valve and Gauge 15mm

For filling and maintaining a constant pressure in the system (includes isolation valve, pressure reducing valve, pressure guage, non-return valve and filter).


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