H-VRF Pipe Connection Kits

KIT 8 - 32mm - Air Vent Kit



Ref Product Code Description Details Qty Per Kit
8.1 VAAV Far Auto Air Vent 1/2" To be installed at a high point in the pipe work for venting air from the system. 1
8.2 VAAVN Far Auto Air Vent 1/2" Non-Return Valve

To be installed under the AAV to allow for easy servicing.

8.3 HMHBRB2015 Brass Reducing Bush 20 x 15mm For AAV connection into pipe system. 1
8.4 MT2534FT MT 25 x 3/4" FT

For Drain and AAV Connections.

8.5 MT4025AF MT 40 x 25 Fusion Reducer

For reducing the pipe size.

8.6 MT404040F MT 40 x 40 x 40 Fusion Tee

For the addition of the drain and vents points in the pipe work.


KIT 8 - 32mm - Air Vent Kit image