The Variotherm ModuleCeiling is an extremely energy efficient cooling and heating system. As a flexible panel system, it is pre-assembled for installation in ceilings and pitched ceilings. Here, heating, cooling and complete ceiling are perfectly combined in a single product. The desired room temperature is achieved by using hot and cold water circulation to make sure you feel completely comfortable all year round.

The advantages:

  • Cooling, heating and finished ceiling in one
  • With acoustic functionality if desired: With Variotherm, the holes of the acoustic panels are not covered by cooling/heating elements! This is the only way to ensure certified, guaranteed noise reduction.
  • Ideal for timber-framed buildings, pre-fabricated houses, attics and renovation
  • Cooling system: silent, no forced air, energy-efficient
  • Heating system: large-surface, extremely energy-saving low temperature system
  • Totally flexible panel system for all construction requirements
  • Gypsum fibre boards and components tested for their healthy building properties
  • Fire protection assessment for ModuleCeiling-Classic (IBS Linz)


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