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FAR is a brassware manufacturer based near the lovely Lake Orta, not far from Milan in Northern Italy. Founded in 1974 by two brothers and a friend. They have built their business with quality, reliability, and innovation and are now a major player in the heating, plumbing, and sanitation market around the world.

On visiting the FAR production plants we thought they were more like hospitals because they were clean and well lit, but full of high tech machines. This attention to detail flows throughout our dealings with them.

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Central Heating New Zealand has been involved with them since 2010 and supply their underfloor manifold for commercial and high-end residential projects. Over time we have moved a lot of our ancillary products to also be supplied by FAR as we have found their products superior to other suppliers. They have also made specific products for us and modified others to suit our requirements. This type of relationship is uncommon in our industry and highly appreciated by us at Central Heating New Zealand as we are able to support your projects with better products.

Please see their range of products at www.far.eu

FAR Manufacturing Plants