Low Surface Temperature Radiator

Hydronic radiators are a popular choice for commercial space heating for hospitals, childcare and elderly care centres. Radiator systems offer great flexibility for heating demands and heat source options, and can easily achieve the building code requirement specific to spaces where an internal temperature of no less than 16°C at 750mm above the ground is required (G5.3.1). They are robust and very low maintenance due to having no moving parts.

One aspect that needs to be considered when using radiators in sensitive commercial spaces such as hospitals, childcare and elderly care centres, is the radiator surface temperature. As per building clause G5.2.2, appliances must be installed in a way that reduces the likelihood of injury. In these types of projects the inhabitants could be immobile and if resting up against a radiator with 80°C water flowing through it, scalding could be a real concern after a period of time.

Low surface temp radiator thermal images

DeLonghi Type 32 Low Surface Temperature (LST) steel panel radiators feature a panel integrated into the front of the radiator that is not connected to the flow of water, creating a lower, safe surface temperature. This is a pleasant surface temperature that gives light warmth, but not hot enough to burn when leaning against, or even touching the radiator for an extended period. The performance of the LST radiator is not compromised as a result and can still deliver high amounts of heating with the remaining active panel. This makes these radiators an ideal solution on projects such as schools, other educational facilities, hospitals or rest homes where there is a higher level of safety required. 

As shown in the thermal imaging below, you can see the different temperature profiles between the low temperature front panel and the two high temperature back panels: 


Type 32 LST Radiator Graphic

As with all of our DeLonghi steel panel radiators, our Type 32 LST radiators contain a low water content to provide a fast heat up time. Their compact ribbed face design provides an excellent heat output rate per m² of wall space and are tested to the stringent EN442 standard, guaranteeing they will deliver the heat required for the building. The Delonghi Type 32 LST is a significantly more cost effective solution than most other LST radiators offered on the market due to having no additional shield or panel, and therefore deliver a low surface temperature solution with reduced installation time and costs.

Because of the huge range available from DeLonghi, all type 32 LST radiators are indent order with a lead time of 15 weeks and as standard come in RAL9016 gloss white, however they are available in a wide variety of colours for an additional cost.

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