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Minib was founded in the Czech Republic in 1999 and is one of the leading manufacturers of fan convectors, with their wide international reach exporting to over 42 countries. Central Heating New Zealand formed a partnership with Minib in 2015 and have since delivered their high-quality natural convection and fan forced trench heaters to numerous high-end residential and commercial projects throughout New Zealand.

Minib has a wide range of products but the most common are their trench units. Available in both natural convection and fan forced units with a huge range of sizes and outputs, any project requirement can be covered. Minib also offer customised solutions with custom lengths and curved units that allow for an improved aesthetic appearance with a continuous trench throughout the space. Options for fresh air spigots also allow seamless integration with other aspects of  buildings mechanical system and custom configurations for larger projects are possible.

Minib trench heaters are a great solution in spaces with large amounts of glazing such as car showrooms, where the heat delivered directly to the fa├žade can prevent the formation of condensation on the windows and reduce the radiant cooling effect on those inside, improving the comfort and functionality of the building.

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Some models of the fan forced units also allow cooling operation and this can be an ideal complimentary cooling solution to a radiant cooling system. The trench heaters can provide a reduction in the surface temperature of glazing allowing the average radiant temperature in the space to be reduced and comfort to be achieved at higher internal temperatures than with other cooling systems.

Together with Minib, Central Heating New Zealand can work with you to tailor a solution for any projects requires, contact our commercial team for your next project.

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