Licon Convertor Heating

In 2021 Central Heating New Zealand was introduced to Licon by our new designer radiator supplier Korado. Licon has been a part of the Korado group since 2013 but Licon has a history dating back to 1968 when they started manufacturing early versions of their convectors.

Licon is a specialist manufacturer of convector heating products and has a vast range of on-floor, in-floor, and on-wall natural convection and fan-forced heating and cooling products. Central Heating New Zealand started supplying Licon products for these applications in 2022 and was immediately impressed with the packaging, quality, and technical support provided by Licon.

Licon’s range of trench convectors provides a vast but simple range of sizes and features to suit any project's requirements. The inclusion of fan-forced units provides a great solution to be paired with an underfloor heating or cooling system to boost the heating or cooling performance in highly glazed areas.

Licon also offers customised solutions with custom lengths and curved units that allow for an improved aesthetic appearance with a continuous trench throughout the space. Options for fresh air spigots also allow seamless integration with other aspects of the building's mechanical system and custom configurations for larger projects are possible.

Licon Convector Trench Heater

Trench convectors are a great solution for spaces with large amounts of glazing such as living spaces and retail showrooms, with the heat being delivered directly to the glazed façade. This can prevent the formation of condensation on the windows and reduce the radiant cooling effect on those inside, improving the comfort and functionality of the building.

For your next high-end project that needs high-end solutions talk to your local sales representative to get a design and quote for a Licon option. The colours, grille types, and configuration of the units can all be customized to perfectly suit each project's need.  

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