Heating solution for Ministry blueprint

Multi-functional buildings, which are both learning and community facilities, have become the norm post earthquake.

Marshland School



The first school to be completed as part of the Government’s $1.1 billion repairs and rebuild strategy. Marshland school acts as both an educational centre and a community facility. The building designed by Stephenson & Turner is both warm and welcoming thanks to, in part, the underfloor heating solution provided by Central Heating New Zealand

Location: Christchurch
Main Contractor: CityCare
Mechanical Contractor: Aurecon
Consultant: Stephenson & Turner


Central Heating New Zealand provided 16 FAR commercial manifolds, ideal for use with a heat pump powered underfloor heating systems. The commercial-grade, high-flow manifolds reticulate heating through 18,000 meters of Multitubo composite pipe.


Children and community groups make the most of Marshland School’s lofty ceilings and open spaces. Visitors enjoy the most luxurious and comfortable heating solution which is warm on the feet and cooler towards the head.

Marshland+School Interior24 ML45 L Marshland+School Interior43 ML64 L

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