Service Foods - Frost Heave System Design and Supply

Frost Heave System Design and Supply

Underfloor installation


  • Fiorini 500L buffer tank x1
  • Over 8500m of Multitubo PE-RT underfloor pipe x1
  • 22 & 28 Way Commercial grade FAR Underfloor manifolds x1
  • 100L of Fernox HP-5c (Protector + Antifreeze) x1


Service Foods, a leading provider in the food distribution industry, faced a critical challenge in preserving the structural integrity of its commercial freezer's underlying slab in their new Wellington facility. With the potential threat of frost heave and potential damage to the structural slab, the need for an effective mitigation system was evident. The main contractor, Below Zero, collaborated with Central Heating New Zealand to address this issue and ensure the longevity of the facility.

Mechanical Contractor: Below Zero


In response to the frost heave challenge, Below Zero engaged Central Heating New Zealand to design and supply a high-performance solution tailored to the unique needs of Service Foods. The collaborative approach involved an assessment of the facility's requirements, considering factors such as temperature regulation, energy efficiency, and long-term sustainability. 

Central Heating New Zealand's engineering team, leveraging its expertise in hydronic systems, designed a solution that incorporated innovative technologies to mitigate frost heave effectively. 

The design aimed to optimize the distribution of heat, prevent the formation of ice lenses, and provide an energy-efficient solution utilizing waste heat generated by the facility's chillers. 


The implementation of the hydronic frost heave system at Service Foods has yielded a combination of benefits, aligning with the expertise and commitment of Central Heating New Zealand. The solution designed and supplied by the engineering team has proven instrumental in preserving the structural integrity of the underlying slab, safeguarding the facility from the adverse effects of frost heave. 

The collaboration with Below Zero and Central Heating New Zealand the exemplify a successful integration of innovation and practicality. Service Foods will now enjoy a system that not only prevents frost heave but also operates with maximum energy efficiency, utilizing waste heat that would otherwise be discharged into the atmosphere. 

By choosing Central Heating New Zealand's expertise and tailored solution, Service Foods has invested in a reliable and sustainable frost heave mitigation system. This case study highlights the seamless collaboration between contractors and specialists, resulting in the successful implementation of a hydronic solution that ensures the facility's long-term durability, energy efficiency, and operational effectiveness. 

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