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Since the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011 which caused the evacuation and closure of their previous accommodation and support centre buildings, the Canterbury/West Coast Cancer Society has been operating out of temporary locations across the city. After commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the earthquakes in 2021, they broke ground on their new $25M building and are soon looking forward to opening their new facility to the public, once again coming together under the same roof to deliver the high level of care & support they are known for. With 50 rooms and the ability to care for 800 patients annually, they wanted an HVAC system capable of supporting their needs.

Location: Papanui, Christchurch
Mechanical Contractor: Integrated Mechanical Services Ltd
Consultant: Powel Fenwick


Designed by Powell Fenwick Consultants Ltd, based in Christchurch, a Mitsubishi Electric Hybrid VRF (HVRF) system was specified as the preferred heating solution for this project. Along with the indoor/outdoor units, pipework was required to reticulate water throughout the building which is where we come in. Central Heating New Zealand supplied a combination of our MT25 & MT40 BRANZ appraised Multitubo pipework along with all the fittings required for fitting off the air conditioning units to the Hybrid Branch Control (HBC) box.  


There is currently a push within the HVAC industry to reduce the number of refrigerants with high Global Warming Potential (GWP) used within buildings, with the inclusion of a Hybrid VRF system, the amount of refrigerant required on this project was significantly reduced along with removing the need for expensive leak detection systems. With over 5000m of our Multitubo pipework throughout the building, since opening in the summer of 2023, our aspect of the project was been installed and our pipework has been delivering hot or cold water from one of the 10x HBC boxes to the conditioned space from one of the 10x HBC boxes to the conditioned space. Central Heating New Zealand will work closely with the installer to providing a complete solution and delivers a high level of accuracy during the quotation phase and streamlines the delivery of materials required for the fit off on a project.

Additional Info

This project is a care facility and is not subject to the requirements of H1/VM3 and therefore does not require increased insulation however if this building was built for a different purpose, the requirements around the insulation may have been different and there would be a need to offer increased insulation to meet VM3. For additional information regarding the changes to the building code, what projects are affected, and how they relate to our aspect of the heating industry, please refer to our VM3 article. 

For more information on our VM3-compliant HVRF solutions, please see our full range of HVRF pipe connection kits on our website along with our brochure. Central Heating New Zealand would be happy to complete an accurate pipework take-off and provide a full quote for the supply of all the pipework and fittings to meet your project's requirements, all we need is a set of plans detailing the AC unit types and locations. 

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